Monday, September 12, 2011

The long grass

The other day I heard a report on a radio news programme that talked about how we should stop sitting on our hands, get off the fence, roll up our sleeves and do some serious spadework. Oh, and we should not let people get away with kicking things into the long grass.

I wonder what the gardening programmes are like?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Unexpected things

I didn't expect to ever go to a concert where I knew every note and pause of every piece played. I didn't expect to go to a live concert of music by an artist who sadly died in 1997, leaving behind a band without the essence that they had formed around. It was strange to hear the so-very-familiar music, played by a new generation of musicians and to hear it interspersed with new pieces that blended perfectly. In fact, for this long-time fan, the highlight of the night was a new composition. It was wonderful to hear a son breath new life into the music his father left behind and add a whole new chapter to a story that I thought had long since ended. Thank you, Arthur Jeffes, for keeping the Penguin Cafe open. It's the unexpected things that make life so interesting.