Tuesday, March 06, 2007

People who may be offended by Equus

Well, as I said before, I went to see Equus. I throughly enjoyed it, and I’d highly recommend it to everyone. Hmn, well, maybe not quite everyone. So, as a public service, here is my list of…

People who may be offended by Equus

  • Animal lovers. "In London, Equus caused a sensation because it displayed cruelty to horses; in New York, because it allegedly displayed cruelty to psychiatrists." Peter Shaffer (Playwright)
  • Anti-psychiatrists. The R.D.Laing over-simplifiers who are offended by the way the boy is 'cured' of his unique personal experience of life.
  • Anti anti-psychiatrists. Those who dislike the previous lot and are offended at their view being represented at all, even if the boy is 'cured'.
  • Anti-smoking campaigners. No chance to be offended by anything else, as they walk out in disgust after the first minute.
  • Atheists. Offended that the Atheist father is being blamed.
  • Christians. Offended that the Christian mother is being blamed.
  • Harry Potter fans. Offended at ‘Harry’s’ behaviour.
  • Harry Potter fan haters. Offended by the presence of all those teenage girls who never usually go to the theatre at all.
  • Harry Potter haters. Offended at ‘Harry’ appearing in a serious play.
  • Heterosexuals. Offended by the presence of all those gays who never usually go to the theatre at all.
  • Homosexuals. Offended that the boy's attraction to those nice men in tight trousers playing the horses is seen as deviance in need of cure.
  • Horse fetishists. Who feel really got at by the whole thing.
  • Normal people. Offended by the psychiatrist's rants against the mediocrity of normality.
  • Pagans. Offended by the psychiatrist's rants against himself.
  • Psychiatrists. See: Animal lovers and Pagans.
  • Prudes. So offended by the constant harping on about sex, the men in tight trousers, the swearing, the smoking, and the violence that they drop their opera-glasses at the vital moment and miss their chance to be offended by the nudity.
  • Puritans. See: Scottish lady dentist puritans
  • Scottish lady dentist puritans. A minority group viciously attacked without so much as a two-line character with which to defend themselves.
  • Socialists. Offended by being called 'old type'. In a 1970's play, no less.
  • The easily offended. Probably offended by this list.


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