Sunday, December 09, 2007


I've become aware of a sneaking sense of guilt in the back of my mind over this blog. The writing group that it's named after went off the boil a while back. Busyness, lack of inspiration, all the usual excuses. I don't suppose anyone cares. I am aware though, that the blog gets the occasional visitor, probably quite at random, but even so. I feel guilty to offer the occasional random visitor nothing new.

But I don't have anything new, so I thought I'd post something old. Something I wrote as an exercise in one of my other writing groups. I don't recall blogging it anywhere before, so it may as well see the light of day, even though it is a dark little story. I hope it may serve as a warning to writers who may be tempted to take their search for inspiration to dangerous extremes.

I'll make it the next posting.

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Jim Murdoch said...

I think as long as the blog is connected to the group you will continue to have problems with it. You need to rebrand, change the heading, change the design, change the direction. If you are going to keep this up then it needs to scream YOU and not you as some part of a dead combo but who you are. I don't subscribe to a lot of blogs so there must have been something caught my attention. See if you can keep it.