Saturday, June 06, 2009

The New Pearl Harbor

David Ray Griffin's 'The New Pearl Harbor' and 'The New Pearl Harbor Revisited' are shocking books.

I found the books shocking not because I didn't know the events of 9/11 described in them, but because I did. I knew what happened, but I hadn't thought through just how bizarre some of the things that occurred that day were, and what the implications might be. I accepted what I was told too easily. Didn't question enough what I was not being told. Didn't want to think about the horrific images. Got tired of waiting for the official reports. Relied on journalists to investigate. Failed to notice that the phrase 'conspiracy theory' was being used to suggest that conspiracies never happen. Above all I'm shocked to realise how incompetently done a conspiracy can be and still succeed.

Some of the most inexplicable events of the 11th of September 2001

  • Several civil aircraft are hijacked and flown off-course, and no military aircraft intercept any of them.
  • The President is informed the country is 'under attack' but is not rushed immediately to a secure location.
  • The President later speaks of having seen the first aircraft hit the World Trade Centre live on TV on 9/11, although footage of this was not broadcast until the next day.
  • A hijacked aircraft is able to fly to the Pentagon without interception more than half an hour after the attacks on the World Trade Centre.
  • Two steel-framed buildings collapse at virtually free-fall speed due to fires that burn for less than two hours.
  • A third steel-framed building collapses at virtually free fall speed due to fire later the same day. The third in history ever to do so.
  • The BBC reports the collapse of this building more than twenty minutes before it happens.

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