Sunday, August 28, 2005

A puzzle

If it took me three days to choose these words and get them in the right order

morning calm
the sun has not yet reached
the sundial

how long would it take me to choose 80,000 words and get them in the right order? I really ought to stick to haiku but for some reason I've got it into my head that I want to write a book.


Paul Sweeney said...

You probably don't remember me... but I was on the haiku Live list since 2000, and lurking ever since. I enjoyed your haiku ... I've blogrolled your new blog, and here is mine in case you want to see what I'm trying to do..

Just trying to get some good articles written on Contemporary Irish and American Poetry...

Kind Regards
Paul Sweeney

Alison Williams said...

I certainly do remember you Paul! I really enjoyed haikulive in its early days, it was a friendly list. Seems to have gone a bit quiet lately, and I'm more lurker than active participant there too.

And thanks for alerting me to Bloglet!